Christian Ed April 12

Hello Parents and Caregivers!
Now on Good Friday we remember how Jesus died and aren’t we lucky to know how the story turns out!  Imagine being Jesus’ followers wondering what would happen now to the movement Jesus had started?  Not only that, but what would happen to them?  To their surprise, the stone is rolled away and Jesus comes out of his tomb, into new life through his resurrection. In these months of staying at home, we look forward to the time we will “rise” from our homes – open our doors and begin again – likely in some new ways than we had lived before. 
Attached are the Family Sunday School pages for Easter Sunday.
Also here is the link for the weekly “Empowering Courageous Kids” Easter Video by Group Publishing
where we celebrate how Jesus defeated sin and death and discover how Jesus’ power means we don’t have to fear death.
May each of you find meaningful ways to celebrate Easter at home this weekend.