April Pastor’s Message

These words from Romans 12:12 have been my mantra as we have begun this time when hope, patience and perseverance will be vital for our world. We are an Easter people. That means every time we experience the reality of the cross, we see an opportunity for resurrection. Live in the hope of the that our Risen Savior has shown us. Rejoice that beyond all of our inconvenience, anxiety and suffering there is always hope. Being patient in suffering means accepting that we are not in control. We cannot make the situation better by railing against our limitations, flinging vitriol or not following the advice of the experts guiding us through this crisis. We can direct our energy into positive action through seeking to be a source of strength and support. A friend of mine said “I think this quarantine is a good chance for all our families to reset.” Prayer is our opportunity to reset our intentions and priorities with God. Having all of our routines disrupted and being separated from our busyness can lead us to focus on the raw fundamentals of our lives.

Grace, peace and hope,

Pastor Joel